With You; Without You launching tomorrow! 29th October 2017

With You; Without You – the debut novel by an emerging novelist from Bihar, Prabhat Ranjan is all set to be launched tomorrow – 29th October 2017. Prabhat Ranjan is highly enthusiastic about his debut book which he feels will locate him some space in the field of Hindi Literature and also create a recognition for him. Prabhat’s book (as we have already talked about that in the past) is based on the importance of love and relationships in life and it also focuses on the youthful spirits of love and friendship.

With You; Without You is frankly written and that’s why it will suit the mood of the youthful readers. Young readers can find the novel full of the issues they often find confusing and perplexing because talking about them in the usual life hasn’t yet been possible to a large extent in our surroundings and Prabhat Ranjan has tried to break that very jinx with his bold narrative which openly discusses love, friendship, limits of love and friendship and also of sex. He has tried to draw a line which works as the frontier and differentiates between love and sex and also between love and friendship.

After the launch tomorrow in Delhi, Prabhat Ranjan’s debut novel With You; Without You will be available in the market as well as in the online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. Readers will have the chance to read for themselves and judge how much the author has justified the theme of the novel which is rather serious and delicate.

You can explore more about the author on his website – http://authorprabhat.in
about his book on http://withyouwithoutyou.in/

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