Literature vs Language? Is this even a discussion? Or, there’s some seriousness about it?

In the grand tapestry of human expression, literature and language stand as inseparable companions, their dance echoing through the corridors of history, culture, and the very essence of our shared human experience. Picture this: a linguistic ballet, where words pirouette on the stage of the narrative, crafting tales that transcend time and space. Can you… Continue reading

Jhumpa Lahiri’s Narrative Conundrum: The Prolonged Emotional Odyssey

While Jhumpa Lahiri is undoubtedly one of the major voices in Indian diaspora literature, there are many things that critics generally ignore many things, various aspects, and the problematic sides of her fiction and fictional craft. Lahiri, in contemporary literature, has carved a niche for herself with her poignant exploration of cultural dislocation and identity…. Continue reading

War Literature and what it can teach us amidst the looming fear of the World War III?

What is War Literature? War literature is a genre that explores the complex human experience during times of conflict. It offers deep insights into the impact of war on individuals, societies, and the world as a whole. This genre is not just about battles and strategies but rather focuses on the profound and often devastating… Continue reading

10 Distinct, Innovative & Must Read Novels – Reading List for Literary Enthusiasts

In the realm of literary exploration, the dichotomy between engaging with novels bearing innovative themes and subjects and perusing those of a generic and formulaic nature unveils a profound distinction in the reader’s experience. While both forms of literature contribute to the vast mosaic of storytelling, the former beckons the discerning reader to traverse uncharted… Continue reading

How to choose the right self-help book for yourself to read? Key points you must look for while picking up a motivational book

With troubling times and increasing levels of stress and anxiety, the importance of self-help literature has only increased. People from various backgrounds have taken to self-help books to learn about several issues in life – workplace, relationships, management, finance, health, mental well-being and so on. However, all self-help books are not suitable for everyone. People… Continue reading

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy is dark, dense, dragged & unnecessarily prolonged – opinion

The contemporary world of English fiction is strange. You may see appreciation for the books that deserve none. And for the books that deserve praise from all around, you may see none at all! Though we can only glance from the outside as outsiders, readers and critics of no value (because the strange world of… Continue reading

T. S. Eliot, the poet who dominated the 20th-century English poetry – an analysis

T.S. Eliot, perhaps, was the only figure in the history of English literature who enjoyed wide and prolonged popularity well within his lifetime, as well as beyond that. In today’s article, I will try to examine the reasons behind Eliot’s immense popularity and also measure his influence on English poetry. It is a well-received fact… Continue reading

Amitav Ghosh – Analysis of his writing style, themes and thoughts on him as a novelist

If you are an Indian who loves reading books, contemporary novels included, you must have heard about Amitav Ghosh. Amitav Ghosh, a celebrated contemporary novelist, is respected because he has made significant contributions to modern literature with his captivating narratives and thought-provoking themes. Though the author has received many accolades and enjoys worldwide fame because… Continue reading