Crime and Punishment – book review


Raskolnikov is the embodiment of sin and redemption together in the novel Crime and Punishment by the great Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky. Moreover, if anyone wants to ascribe more to the character, he can well be seen as the living example of a chaotic psyche who almost goes bizarre as the novel deepens. Crime and Punishment is one of the finest novels ever produced by an author from any...

The Guide – book review


 The Guide is a 1958 novel written by famous Indian novelist R. K. Narayan. It is entertaining as well as enlightening in a perfect way and it walks the talk which was proposed by a famous novelist Thomas Hardy that a novel is the uncommon feelings of common life. We see the characters like Raju and Rosie and Marco who are the common people next door by they manage to show us that life can be...

World’s Greatest Speeches: Reviewed


Today I am sharing the review of a book which I have been reading for quite some time now and I happen to like it very much. This book, which you all must have known about, is World’s Greatest Speeches and has been published by Maple Press in 2012. This book contains most of the greatest speeches made by the big names in world history – be it authors, preachers, poets, politicians...

Far from the Madding Crowd


Far from the Madding Crowd is a novel by Thomas Hardy which is often read only by the people who are either academically compelled or are the best among the readers of fiction. Otherwise, a very limited number of people get to know about this novel. Thomas Hardy’s masterpiece is a romance, a tragedy, a Christian novel and might be a novel based on the theory of Karma. Today, Desi Readers...

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