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World’s Greatest Speeches: Reviewed


Today I am sharing the review of a book which I have been reading for quite some time now and I happen to like it very much. This book, which you all must have known about, is World’s Greatest Speeches and has been published by Maple Press in 2012. This book contains most of the greatest speeches made by the big names in world history – be it authors, preachers, poets, politicians, world leaders, or simply anyone who falls into the category of ‘great’. The first speech in the book takes us back to 1521 and the last one takes us to the year 1953. And so, as a reader, I can easily sense that the book covers most of the greatest speeches made in the period of more than 400 years! What more could one ask for?

The book World’s Greatest Speeches has been divided into 18 different parts and each part contains a random number of speeches in text. There are more than 130 speeches in total, and to be extremely precise and correct, there are exactly 136 speeches. If you are an ardent lover of the words spoken by your favourite personalities, you are going to love this collection! Speeches delivered by Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Bonaparte and many other great persons are to be found in the book.

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The printing of the book isn’t that great (because the price is too low) but this is way better than many other books. You can easily read the text because of the deep printing. This book is especially for those history guys who love to read who said what and when. Whosoever has worked on this collection, has worked the best, no doubt! This is surely a book which one must have to know the great words of the great persons. I have been reading some of the speeches in the book at frequent intervals and I have come to know from where the guys bring great looking quotes for their Facebook and WhatsApp spins! This is the secret guys!

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