With You; Without You


With You; Without You is a Hindi novel written by Prabhat Ranjan. He has tried to describe the situations of an ordinary youth and then a young man who has been in love and did make some mistakes to get the one he loved and then later, tried to compensate his sins with some good deeds but that also didn’t work out well for him! What happened then? With You; Without You is a novel full of thrill...

Bleeding Queens


Bleeding Queens by Palak Kundra is a novel written in Hindi (with a special reservation for few Punjabi phrases). And this is her debut novel as well – and a bold debut, if I may say – because her work does not hold any punches back (as aggressive is the author herself to counter anything against women justice). Palak Kundra seems more a revolutionary when you read her novel and her...

With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan: Preview


Prabhat Ranjan’s novel With You; Without You is all set to be released in the second week of September 2017. A novel which features the theme of a complicated love triangle with an exploration into the philosophical and psychological dimensions of love and friendship makes Prabhat Ranjan a subject of discussion as well as his debut work. Therefore, Desi Readers have chosen to offer a...

Nisha Nimantran by Harivansh Rai Bachchan


Who does not like Hindi poems? Whether it’s reading them or writing some, Hindi poems are always one step closer to our hearts than the English ones which need an extra level of processing as we have to translate them into Hindi in our minds to understand the meaning. When we talk about the Hindi poems, we have a bunch of poets whom we can look up to and make sure that favourites might...

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