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With You; Without You


With You; Without You is a Hindi novel written by Prabhat Ranjan. He has tried to describe the situations of an ordinary youth and then a young man who has been in love and did make some mistakes to get the one he loved and then later, tried to compensate his sins with some good deeds but that also didn’t work out well for him! What happened then? With You; Without You is a novel full of thrill and excitement and also a pinch of suspense which keeps the readers indulged until they finish this debut work by Prabhat Ranjan! Have you had your read yet? I am going to offer a non-spoiler review of the novel so that you can be sure why do you need to have a read asap!

The novel has three characters who are the most important ones for the fiction’s sake – Aditya, Nishind, and Rami. These three people are the best friends to each other and their childhood and school life are spent together. When they knock at the door of youth, things change dramatically! Nishind falls in love with Rami and Rami thinks of Nishind as only her friend. On the other hand, Rami falls in love with Aditya and it creates confusion in the mind of Nishind because he loves Rami excessively. And there it happens; Nishind tries his best to separate Aditya and Rami but, instead, he does something which becomes the reason of all the three friends parting from each other only to meet after many years!

The agony and remorse of that mistake always make Nishind weary and he is constantly looking for the opportunity to make things ‘right’ again. The author grants him that opportunity when he meets Rami once again. However, Rami falls in love with Nishind this time and Nishind is unaware of this. He thinks that he should do everything to unite Rami and Aditya but things don’t work out and many things which are hidden come out in open. Can he make things ‘right’ once again? Can Rami and Aditya be united again? Or Rami will get her love in Nishind? These are the things which will be found only if you read the novel because by exposing all the plot, I will not kill your thrill of reading the novel.

To assure the readers, there is a lot in With You; Without You which will entertain you and excite you! You need to read this once and you will see for yourself what the author has served in his very first work. Get your copy from Amazon India link below and start reading Prabhat Ranjan’s novel:

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With You; Without You by Prabhat Ranjan
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A must read novel for all those who love reading Hindi fiction and serious novels! Get your copies now!

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