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Bleeding Queens by Palak Kundra is a novel written in Hindi (with a special reservation for few Punjabi phrases). And this is her debut novel as well – and a bold debut, if I may say – because her work does not hold any punches back (as aggressive is the author herself to counter anything against women justice). Palak Kundra seems more a revolutionary when you read her novel and her dear character, Diljit, reflects her thoughts very well. Strength, endurance, wit, humour, aspiration, inspiration – there is everything in Diljit which makes her an idle female protagonist for the novel’s theme – violence against a woman and her reaction to it. In general cases, you can see a man helping out a woman who has been harassed or treated ill. However, Palak Kundra has turned the story and tilted it in a rather feministic side and gave the lead female character a real leadership – Diljit commands herself as well as she plans everything which needs to be done and the ways in which to do. And she has her justice awarded to herself by none other than herself!

Bleeding Queens is a novel which focuses on a girl with dreams. Diljit wants to be an actress like Deepika and she praises her a lot. But midway, she faces the ugliest crisis in life; she loses her father; she is raped by four men; she loses almost all the courage she had; she sees nothing but darkness.

The latter part which is all about Diljit’s courage and the support that she receives from her brother and lover is just amazing to read. You may find the story exciting as well as compelling. Palak has given almost everything to her debut novel and she has made us feel that Bleeding Queens can also take revenge and see for themselves what needs to be done. Though you might not subscribe to all the views the author has extended but you do need to read what those views are and how far Palak Kundra has been able to justify those views.

To conclude, Palak’s novel Bleeding Queens is a novel which is not in the league of some kind – this is different and it had to be so. The language part is simple and plain Hindi with some injections of Punjabi phrases and it is natural for the author, as well as her characters, come from a Punjabi background. The novel has a different or you can say alternate opinion about the crime against women and the possible ways of curbing those and you do need to read what the author has to offer in her debut work! Get a copy of the novel from the Amazon link below and do leave your feedback about it once you are done!

Palak’s Bleeding Queens on Amazon

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Bleeding Queens - review
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A book which will compel you to think about the crime against women not only as a passive reader but also because it tries to offer an alternate view!

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