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One Indian Girl – book review


One Indian Girl is a 2016 novel and thankfully the last novel by Chetan Bhagat, at least for now! This is nothing sort of an Indian version of mini El James kind of sexual excursion taken by the protagonist Radhika Mehta who remembers nothing else about her feministic rights but just having sex and having worked for big companies and having a lot of money. Well, Chetan Bhagat might have talked to the feministic women of his liking, maybe. However, he should know that many patriarchal women too have sex and he might be one of the products of one such woman!

One Indian Girl has nothing to do with the lefts and rights of the novel writing tactics as it purely aims at pleasing the readers by different means and mostly the sexual-textual-ramblings. He has been successful as well, one has to admit this without any denial. Most of the modern authors try to woo their readers just by offering them something to have with them in their bed and enjoy – like a movie which has many item numbers and many sex scenes.

Radhika Mehta, like many other Chetan Bhagat’s protagonists, a typical IIM-A and IIT girl who leaves the country just like the author did. She lands a good job as well as a somehow good boyfriend who is afraid of marriage. She breaks up and leaves for another country only to find another boyfriend who is rather older than her but her feministic instinct does not forbid her from sharing a bed with a married guy. These are the new feministic ideals, nevertheless!

You will find a lot to read again and again if you are also one of those readers who enjoy reading one part by El James 9 times! Otherwise, there is nothing in the book which could let you feel like reading a novel. It’s just a first-person overly erotic story which you can read on many sex-stories websites. Nevertheless, there, the storytellers are not Chetan Bhagat!

Have a happy reading!

One Indian Girl - review
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A funny piece of pseudo feministic ideals!

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