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A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh – Review


A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a spiritual book written by a noted personality in the field of spiritual healing, Mr Ananda Karunesh. The one very peculiar thing that the readers often talk about this book is the fact that the conversation presented in this book took place between the author and Lakshmi Ji and Saraswati Ji, the two Goddesses we know of Hinduism. Now, I am sure, even you might be thinking the same – how can this be possible? How can a human being talk to divine beings? However, A Thousand Seeds of Joy defies the human limitations and offers us something which certainly seems beyond the conventional human thinking. I will be offering my opinions on this book for the readers who are still making their minds for this book.

A Thousand Seeds of Joy has been divided into several sections and each of these sections treats different issues which connect with our daily lives in various ways. The major message that the book desires to deliver is about feminism – the connection ancient with the modern and current. By relating the subjects, author and the Goddesses have discussed various issues pertaining to the modern world and the condition of women in general as well as in other domains of the cause of feminism. Sita, Mary and Eve have been discussed in a separate section.

Other things discussed in the book connect to our daily lives and the ways to make it better. How can one live happily and lead a happy life forever without the burden of so many other things… how to be happy in smaller fragments individually… how to understand the messages better and then, how can, even the common human beings, we connect to the entities which are divine… Ananda Karunesh has tried to deliver the messages of the higher authorities by initiating and completing this conversation with the two Goddesses.

Without commenting more on the possibilities and probabilities of whether the conversation with divine beings can take place or not, I will focus more on the nature of this conversation. Yes, the words are very well-picked and certainly, the aesthetics of this conversation are wonderful. There is a kind of opening that delivers us the truth in a peculiar way. However, the ones who know the religions of the world can certainly show their differences with the thoughts that have been presented in this book by the author. Nonetheless, for the readers, A Thousand Seeds of Joy is certainly an interesting book which will offer them a few days of quality reading and exposure to some quality thinking.

Then, I will leave it here; to know more and to quench your interest, you must read the book. You can agree or disagree with the author thereafter. However, reading will certainly be a satisfying progress; this is certain! All the best for your reading!

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review by Rajiv for Desi Readers

A Thousand Seeds of Joy
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‘Desi Readers’ finds A Thousand Seeds of Joy an age-restricted book and we advise readers above the age of 15 engage with this book. There are things related to religion, spirituality and ways to enhance our life experiences to be found in this book. And the most interesting thing about this book is that it is supposedly a conversation between the author and two Goddesses, Lakshmi Ji and Saraswati Ji.

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