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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review


There have been more than eight hundred years since the first human rights bill ‘Magna Carta’ but still the agony and hypocrisy of human civilization can be easily found. The problem becomes worse when we have to deal with a situation where everyone is against us. Even the big institutions are not helping us and rather, surprisingly for many, doing the conspiracy and laying a trap for the innocent and common citizens. While reading the book, the autobiography of Lal Bhatia, Indicting Goliath, these things come into my mind – after considerable time thinking these, I come to conclude that good and the bad will eternally go on… Let’s talk about this autobiography.

This is an autobiography and it falls in the category of true crime. The things happened with the author have been described in detail. To make sure that the readers have a full confidence in the details by the author, Lal Bhatia has also included the court orders, the government documents and many other proofs that he has got with him.

Basically, Lal Bhatia was a common man living in the USA. He was making money with his talent and helping companies achieve big. After a series of events, suddenly, one day some police officers came to his house and the story begins there. He found himself in a trap of bank fraud case of more than one billion dollars. He fought the battle to come out of this but it took more than fifteen years in proceedings, torcher and imprisonment.

The autobiography of Lal Bhatia has the right amount of inclusive argument that shows the failure of the judicial process in the USA. The justice was denied to him and the trials were unfair. He waited so long for the justice to be delivered but it took his golden years – the prime years of his professional life. At last, when there were no doors left to close, the USA Federal Judges (names given in the book) accepted whatever Lal has given in the testimony to the law – so, what happened to the people who were the criminals and mafias according to the testimony? Why did the judges conspire to Keep Lal in prison? What did they get?

The truth has to come out and so feels the author of Indicting Goliath, Lal Bhatia. He feels that only the acknowledgement of something wrong done is not enough and the evil has to be punished. The metaphorical title of the autobiography does all the justice to the content of the book – Lal poses himself as the David who is working hard to prove that Goliath (the USA Justice Department, FBI and Government) is indeed involved in hunting many Davids…

If you are a reader of true stories and accounts, you will certainly like reading Indicting Goliath. You can get a copy by visiting the Amazin (India) link below:

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Indicting Goliath
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