T. S. Eliot, the poet who dominated the 20th-century English poetry – an analysis

T.S. Eliot, perhaps, was the only figure in the history of English literature who enjoyed wide and prolonged popularity well within his lifetime, as well as beyond that. In today’s article, I will try to examine the reasons behind Eliot’s immense popularity and also measure his influence on English poetry. It is a well-received fact… Continue reading

Amitav Ghosh – Analysis of his writing style, themes and thoughts on him as a novelist

If you are an Indian who loves reading books, contemporary novels included, you must have heard about Amitav Ghosh. Amitav Ghosh, a celebrated contemporary novelist, is respected because he has made significant contributions to modern literature with his captivating narratives and thought-provoking themes. Though the author has received many accolades and enjoys worldwide fame because… Continue reading

Harjeet Khanduja – the simplified author of complex themes

Motivation, decision-making, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, growth, life… and blah blah blah of the business world are not easy subjects to write about. Many authors have tried their peculiar styles. May have been successful in producing many books. However, success has not come to many in this regard. Sometimes, the content is there but the… Continue reading

Seema Seth’s latest short fiction Rahim and Laila focuses on refugees (and love story for sure)

In today’s super-fast and busy life, we look for quick solutions for almost everything. Whether it is quick breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert ideas, quick solutions to make money, quick remedies to long-term diseases, quick methods to learn English or any other language, quick and easy loans, quick reference guides to clear examination, quick and… Continue reading