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Ashish Dalal – short story writer


Desi Readers is not only about writing book reviews and interviewing the authors for our audience. We are also constantly looking for the new talents who are ready to enter the world of writing. For that, we don’t only scan the current English writing, but we also look for the literature being produced in other languages. And one such we are presenting to you today – Ashish Dalal. Hailing from Gujarat, Ashish Dalal is a Hindi short story writer and he has been producing wonderful short stories for many years now. After having done so much for various Hindi newspapers and magazines, he has finally decided to formally enter the world of Indian writing with his debut collection of short stories – Uske Hisse Ka Pyar.

Ashish Dalal believes in the writing which is not only meant to serve the sensuous moments for the readers. He believes in writing with rather higher purposes too and that’s why in his short stories, the readers will mostly have the chance to explore various aspects of human life. Mostly featuring vivid colours of love, Ashish Dalal’s writing also focuses on bringing out the importance of relationships and human emotions in our day to day lives.

Hindi Literature in India has been going through several phases of evolution and transformation since the time it caught flame and we have seen authors like Munshi Premchand and also the experimental authors like Agyey. Nevertheless, today’s world is rather modern and we need to instil the modernity in our literature too, to get a hold on the readership as well as conveying the contemporary thoughts and the same is being done by Ashish Dalal through his writings. His writing might be modern but the values and the content are surely the same, giving importance to the tradition set by our masters of Hindi writing – serve a purpose, not the case!

Ashish Dalal’s book will be available for pre-booking on Amazon somewhere between 15-30th of November 2017 and you can buy a copy of Uske Hisse Ka Pyar from there even before it releases and it will be delivered to you as soon as it releases. We will also get the copy of the book and will review it for you. Till then, enjoy reading; keep exploring literature!


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