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Shawn Vij’s writing exhibits a way out of the emotionless ‘business’


There are many hurdles in life but the most important thing to jump those hurdle is the right timing and self-control. And it is also to be noted that books have always been helpful for us in order to find the motivation to develop ourselves in such a way that we can be disciplined and prepared to grab the opportunities as they come in life. Nevertheless, it is equally true that there have been a lot of books in the field of self-help and motivation and at times, it becomes difficult to decide which one to read. Though I am a fond reader of this genre, even I find it difficult at times. I have read many great authors as well as some newcomers. And I am here to share about one book, and also the author, that I have read recently. Shawn Vij is an author who has done extremely well in the business motivation, business ethics and self-discipline fields in his debut book Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living our Values. It has tried to touch the issues that are common in practice but less spoken about. Shawn Vij is a global business leader who has worked with several reputed organisations in the course of his over two-decades career. He has a vast experience of ups and downs in his life. He has seen many phases of life from nothing to everything and everything to emptiness, anger and frustration and eventual realisation once he came in touch with The Dalai Lama, Buddhist monk living in the shelter of the Indian government.

Like most of the self-help authors, Shawn Vij has taken a totally different approach and comes out with a fresh and genuine idea that is reasonable and trustworthy. His clarity and coherence create a suitable environment for the readers to understand his ideas and concept in a better way. Shawn has shared his professional as well as personal experiences in his non-fiction title that is a mixture of truth and bitter realities of life. He has gone through the realities of the business world and knows how it functions. In plain language, he has tried to portray realism with a vision, a clean philosophy – let’s get out of this or stay in the best possible atmosphere.

His ideas are concrete and focus on qualitative concepts like morality, ethics, integrity and consciousness. He always said that most of the people do have the value but the problem is they don’t act on their values. And that’s when Shawn discusses the need of conscious capitalism and accumulation of moral fiber that would help people realise what is the essence of a living being – compassion, affection, forgiveness and a co-existing nature that does not compromise on personal values for business gains. The author has worked very well in terms of bringing out to the public discourse what mostly remains subdued under the weight of grand talks by the authors who rather keep their ideas obscure and obfuscate the conversation with shallow show of gaudy intellect.

Moral Fiber has certainly heralded the arrival of Shawn in the world of non-fiction writing in an emphatic manner which will offer the readers an alternate version of business ethics – where gains do not matter the most…

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