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Word Power Made Easy


Fiction and nonfiction are the categories which you will find almost on the book reviews websites. On Desi Readers, things change a little. We also review the books which are truly academic and a different stream altogether. Some of the academic books are so popular and important that they do demand reviews. And that’s what we do at Desi Readers. We review the books that are worthy to be reviewed… and today, Desi Readers will review Word Power Made Easy, a very popular and bestselling book by Norman Lewis.

I am sure all the readers of this review must have purchased the book already or thinking whether to get a copy or not. And those who have been reading the book for a while must be knowing how useful the book can be. Especially the Indian students who have often the problems with remembering the words and their proper usage must get this handy book by Norman Lewis. I will tell you why.

The book contains three parts and 18 different sections. All these sections are designed professionally understanding the needs of the students who have been in the learning process for a while with the book. The very first thing, how to use this book, is so wonderfully prepared that a student must be attracted to the book and start studying right away. What I feel is that Norman Lewis has played a little with the psychology of the learner and perfectly interpreted what a reader might want next. Moreover, the chapters are tailed with exercises which keep the learning and testing loop going on.

Simplicity is the key to learning and that you are going to find everywhere in the book. For example, the complex rules of subject-verb agreement are handled in a very light and comprehensive way in the chapter ‘How Grammar Changes’. A reader who is unknown to the complexity does not need to bother him being perplexed and sails home with the knowledge. Another important and very useful part in the book is the last one – some difficult words with their usage and details. That section can make you look an intellectual without bothering to be the one! You can learn about the words which you often read in the scholarly essays and academic discussions in text.

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The bottom line is that if you want to enhance your vocabulary and learn about language (English) a little more, you have a good companion in the form of Norman Lewis’ book Word Power Made Easy!


by a Desi Reader Staff

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