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American Maharajah – hot new release you must read – book preview


What are you reading this week? If you haven’t yet found something good to read, here is your chance to read one of the best books which have been released the last month and the author Mark Levy is going to be in India this month as well – American Maharajah. The clumsy tell of reincarnation and American connection to it has been told in a very lucid and interesting way and you will just love the book. Before you get started, here are the 5 reasons why you should be reading the novel American Maharajah by author Mark Stephen Levy:

Suspense: The novel has suspense in plenty but not the same way that you see in those head-boggling novels which leave you nowhere with the progress! It is straightforward and clearing suspense which will be attractive for the readers as they make the progress in the terms of chapters.

Legend and Present: The book has connected the Rajasthani legend of a king and his prince beautifully with the modern-day situation of Ravi and his curious case of identity in the form of Amar. You will find it very interesting as well as a well-designed fiction once you cover the chapters and finish the read.

The City Lights & Dilemma: For the first few chapters, you will find it wonderfully mentioned and detailed. How do relationships make and break within the matters of seconds behind the glow of the city lights which seldom fade… I commend Mark for his understanding and also his writing skills which could beautifully capture what transpired between Ravi and Melissa.

The Language: You cannot deny, once you begin reading this novel, that the language is compelling and it keeps you engaged with the text throughout. Out of the many novels that I have found recently launched and sold, I have found Mark’s American Maharajah really a reader-friendly novel which does not look to confuse the readers with over-rich lexicon; it just tells what needs to be told in a very good manner – the story and the tale!

Reading Satisfaction: Believe me, once you finish the novel, you will surely write to Mark congratulating him on this great work of fiction! American Maharajah is a wonderful novel which keeps you busy with the tale and ends it on a very wonderful not. Ravi (the protagonist also known as Amar) comes to his spiritual kind of voyage to India and he discovers something amazing about this place which he could seldom find in American life. You will almost join him on his journey and then you will also discover along with him – the new things and the new relations and the new secrets! You cannot miss reading American Maharajah!

Interested enough? Get your copy of this wonderful novel from Amazon India today and start reading it now!

American Maharajah on Amazon – buy now

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