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Little Maryam


Hamid Baig’s debut novel, Little Maryam, has been received very warmly by the readers of fiction and being specific, by the lovers of the romance genre. The novel was released on 26 January 2018 and has gone to become one of the hottest new releases of the year on Amazon and other platforms. I have also got a chance to review this novel and have read it recently. For the readers, here is my review of Little Maryam.

Little Maryam is a novel which features a love story of Maryam, the girl and Saadiq, the boy. They meet when they are too young to love and start knowing each other. When they grow young, the eventually declare their love for each other and then, the dreaming phase starts. However, the situations turn overnight when Saadiq is jailed in an unintentional murder case, the murder of his friend Ritesh, a local MLA’s son. The situation forces the separation of the two lovers and Maryam is married to someone else. Saadiq’s father, Haji, dies before he could even come out of the jail. Having no one to come to in Dehradun, after being released from the prison, Saadiq leaves for Mumbai and from there, with his hard work, he reaches the USA on a full scholarship to become a doctor and moves on to win the Nobel Prize in the medical science! Dream run, isn’t it?

The novel has been, you can say, divided into two phases – separation & success and reunion and complication. Hamid has kept Little Maryam a very engaging read. He has used the most accurate techniques of fiction writing at the most appropriate points in the novel. You cannot separate the novel from any of the characters who appear in it! The narrative is persuasive and the plot is very cleverly constructed. Little Maryam is a novel which runs in flashback in the first part and then shifts to the present tense style before finally moving in letter-narrative phase when Miller, the journalist, reads a letter left by Saadiq for her.

I will not reveal the entire story. However, let me say that the novel is very wonderful. The author does not believe in the explicit way of writing romance and you will find it quite amazing. The love depicted in the present fiction seems real except for some parts of it. It runs like a suspense movie for sometimes and ultimately, takes the readers to an emotional phase. You cannot miss the ending – who will win the wife? Are there any more secrets to be told? Does Dr Saadiq Haider know who this new Maryam is? Does Maryam remember everything when she meets Saadiq again, almost after 20 years of their separation?

You will love reading this work and the language is fairly supportive of quick-reading. You can finish it in two days! Get your copy of Little Maryam right now from Amazon India:

Little Maryam by Hamid Baig on Amazon

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review by Naman for Desi Readers

Little Maryam - reviewed
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Hamid’s debut novel is for the readers of standard contemporary fiction who love reading books with meaning and meaningful ideas. Little Maryam is one of those books which will help the readers realise what the contemporary fiction can be if there is a little attention given to the betterment of it! Must read if you love reading romance.

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