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Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa


Second Chance by Sandeep Jatwa is a book which might give you too many feelings together – it looks a perfect science fiction when you are with the part of it and a perfect spirituality inspired novel when you go with another part of it… Sandeep has kept the ends open and delivered a novel which just lures the readers into a pleasing read. His novel is about life and the opportunity that this life is. It’s all on us whether we use this opportunity and stay happy or abuse this and become restless with time. Sandeep Jatwa’s protagonist undergoes several amazing feelings and ultimately what he gets is a Second Chance!

The book is about the life of Shekhar, the protagonist in the novel. He is the owner of a grand footwear company and does not understand anything or anyone even worthy to be understood. For him, he is the best and his things are always better than others. He cannot take any other glances when he decides. Shekhar’s habits make him a man who no one would ever dream to be. Somehow, the life is pulling right until things become scrappy when he starts receiving those strange calls warning him about his sins. And for sure, I am not going to spoil the reading pleasure of the best part of the book by giving you all the details… but just know that Shekhar has to suffer the deadliest of the punishments for the sins that he has committed and yet, things end happily at the end (or not so happy?)…

I am sure readers will just love reading this awesome stuff by author Sandeep Jatwa. Being a first-time author hasn’t kept him from delivering a fiction which suits most of the reading bugs. His narration is simple which will keep the readers attached to the novel’s plot. His theme is way better than other casual debuts in Indian writing these days. You are simply gonna love the novel once you read it. Get your copy from Amazon now and read this in one or two days because it’s not that voluminous at all!


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