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The Modern Romance Authors


The romance writing in India has surely touched new dimensions in the recent years; this is an undeniable fact which can surely be disputed with arguments but cannot be denied! However, we will have to put our heads in the process of thinking and find for ourselves that what these new authors have been doing with the romance genre and to what extent they take it forward. For most of the critical readers, the Bharati and Sriram’s story was also a romance which was weaved around the freedom struggle of Indian freedom fighters. How was that? What kind of romance was Waiting for the Mahatma? And what kind of romance is being produced by the modern Indian authors today? We will surely have to do an analysis.

Recently, we came across a book by Ajay K Pandey and the novel is titled You are the Best Wife. Now, this title is also written under the romance guise and we have something which most of the modern readers would love to read – semi-nude text! Like this, there are many other books which are out there in the market and they are nothing but explicit textual writings…

Titles like Two States and I too had a love story were somewhat moderate but these authors, considered to be the mass-writers, also transgressed the limits and found themselves in a different league altogether. So, once the authors who were considered to be gentle ones started writing semi-porno-novels, the writers who began writing looking up to them had no choice but to compete with them with steps more than two in advance…

We are not saying that romance should not be written. We are not even saying that the modern romance is not good. We are just saying that this is not the romance what used to be once. We have moved ahead and we have moved ahead heavily!

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