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The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli – Book Review


It is hard to believe that The Mystery Mountains is Aurijit Ganguli’s second book. The details he poured, the mystery he weaved, and the insight he embedded into his book are just superb. It has really touched my every emotional and mental chord. And in his second book, surprisingly, the author has graduated from a new author into an experienced, expert and composed novelist who can keep his readers energised and engaged with the content till the end. Seldom do you read a story that you feel should go on and on as you don’t want to come out of that world. The Mystery Mountains is one of them. It is distinct from contemporary books of modern times. Nowadays, where most of the authors are trying to mesmerize, rather I should say trap and mislead the readers with their cheap romantic content, there are authors to break this chain with intellectual and thoughtful content. With their deep, descriptive and dynamic stories, they are not only helping readers evolve their reading choices but also contributing to our literature.

After getting success in their first mission, Dr Sara has assigned Arjun and Lisa on another mission almost after four years. This was riskier than their previous mission and has a potential danger too. However, Dr Sara trusted them. Even Lisa and Arjun too, least bothered about the threats, assured her and fly to Lima, a city in Peru, from Newyork. In Lima, Mr Marcos too joined them for the mission. Eventually, they got successful this time too. Found the lost one, ending the mission like the early one, right? But, it was not the time for celebration as it was not an end here. Destiny has planned something big for them this time. Something that has a connection with global safety. Something that has a role to play in foreseeable future. Something that is linked to the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Raja Bali. All three were extremely curious, highly energetic and super excited about it. Cluelessly they began their journey to find clues to solve the mystery. What this new mission is? Who will guide them on this? How and from where will the clues be? Will it be more hazardous? I know, your inquisitiveness must have reached its peak. And I cannot say anything more about it. As will kill your excitement. However, the adventure is about seeking clues that will guide the protagonists to a part of some big machine that was built by experts during the time of Raja Bali and hidden somewhere in Kerala, Keraldesham of that time. Exciting, isn’t it? You should read the first chapter very carefully and you will be on your path right away!

To conclude my review, I would like to say, after having dived into a mystery book for a long time with a sceptical mind, I found it gradually growing more and more intense and turning into rainbow colours. It kept me engaged throughout and the ending was a complete surprise. Though the author has given clues and codes, it was totally unexpected. This is one of the finest mysteries I have ever read. The plot is dazzling and its execution is flawless. Now, as I close the book and get to collect my final thoughts on this one, would I recommend this to anyone? Yes, I will definitely recommend this book to the readers who appreciate mysteries, who admire mythology and spirituality and those who love history.

Yes, at times, you will feel like reading a mystery with visual appeal as you read maps, navigate through trekking tracks, observe images, and seek clues in photos you are shown… it’s amazing. On odd occasions, you might find the details about geographical and topographical aspects of places the characters visit a little off the bit. It depends upon the mood of the readers and their urge to keep reading. A fast reader would just ignore the details that don’t contain any progress and an observing reader would like to know it all.

Aurijit Ganguli has now carved a special place for him on the list of contemporary Indian authors who offer more than mere entertainment in their novels. The story this time is supper and it certainly keeps getting more and more intense towards the end. Do get a copy and read this novel whenever you have time. Weekends will be a wonderful time for reading such a mystery piece.

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Review by Priya for Desi Readers Book Blog

The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli – Book Review
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The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli is a novel that asks questions, offers puzzles and compels you to think about things you have known for so long… a compelling read that you must enjoy!

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