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The Quest of the Sparrows


There are no better books to be read these days which convey deeper meanings and meaningful ideas. Sadly, but unfortunately true, we have to look into the past and find some meaningful piles of pages which could be a good fiction altogether and one such was published back in 2011 – The Quest of the Sparrows. Though reviews are mixed for the book, what I found in the novel was it’s something better than all the other things I have read in the name of contemporary novels… The Quest of the Sparrows deals with the theme of spirituality and free-willed life and mixes it with a juxtaposition of the life which we casually live – a care less attitude and a status quo that we maintain!

Talking about the book, a professor from Magadh University has said that the book starts with a lot of morally heightened narrative but fails to meet it with the events. There has been a lack of synchronisation which was ought to be seen between the narrative and the plot of the novel. Nevertheless, the same professor has told me that the book is highly read-worthy and way better than other fiction of the age which he has read! At least, the novel, The Quest of the Sparrows, makes sense for the readers who are looking for something which could remain with them after the end – unlike what happens with the novels of the day.

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The plot of the novel is entirely straight with minimal of twist and it makes for you and easy read – Partibhan, a young man, is compelled to step into the shoes of his father and become a guru (a spiritual leader). A responsibility which goes out of his hand at the beginning but eventually he learns many new things in this new life. And a little more into this spiritual life, Partibhan begins to feel the new moral strength which fills him from within. Many people come and join him on the way when he begins a journey on foot – with absolutely nothing and begging for food just to realise what spirituality means in the practical life and for sure, readable miracles happen!

What I can say about the novel, after having two and a half read, that it can be readable by many readers who fall into different categories as well as not so enjoyable by so many readers who are not into some of the categories. For youths, the novel offers lesser than what it offers to the readers who love reading the books which take them to some kind of respite, away from the grim realities of life and overcooked fancy which have been served in the modern fictions for so long now. If you want to invest yourself into some kind of read in which you will feel satisfied only at the end without a break from the narrative, then you need to buy The Quest of the Sparrows now! You can get the book from Amazon on special discounts and we will also offer you 5% extra discount in your paytm wallet if you buy from the link below and send us the proof of purchase (order confirmation screenshot)!

review by Amit Mishra

The Quest of the Sparrows - Reviewed
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The Quest of the Sparrows is a book which should be read by the readers to know there is also a dimension of fiction like this one is!

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