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Studying English Literature is fruitful… only if you know what you are doing!


I have studied English literature major, BA and MA. However, a few years ago, if you asked me what could I do with this degree, I won’t answer you directly. My aim was to be a professor at any cost. I did not know that this was a path that demanded a very much focused attitude, a composed approach and unending labour. I was giving it everything that I could because I had to chase a dream. Seldom I knew that the dream was being shared by many others. Seldom I realised that there were many things that were simply not in my hand. Anyhow, I was able to stand in the queue and I also became of the ad-hoc lecturers in a reputed college under Delhi University with a salary that could manage my living. Was that enough? Was I able to pull the cart of my life in the direction I wanted? Is it a uniform battlefield for everyone? Does the hard work I do meet the expected outcomes? NO!

Friends, English literature opens the doors to many fields if you are just wondering about jobs in your life. Becoming a professor is only one of those many paths. That is not the ultimate and that is not the only one either. You can earn reputation and money, both, by becoming many other things in your life. I decided to move on and quit the first job that I had. I ventured into the private sector and this opened an entirely new life for me. I started as a content creator, text, for one of the best-known companies in Delhi and I enjoyed way better earnings than the previous opportunity could ever bring to me the beginning phase. I made many acquaintances in literary, blogging and content circles. And then, everything changed instantly.

If you know how to play with words, there are many opportunities for you in the field of writing, blogging, content marketing, copyediting and so on. Moreover, you can work on your own, on your own conditions and on your own schedule… without being pressurised by anyone to furnish this and that on certain occasions. This gives you autonomy, better opportunities and self-respect as well.

English Literature, then I realised, was only a mirage. Anyone with any degree in any field can do better only if he or she wants to achieve things in life so badly and is ready to work hard for that. Conventional jobs have either died or have become too competitive (leaving the reservation policies aside) and even if you get one, you cannot work the way you want to do. And therefore, going on your own way, carved on the rocks by yourself, gives you the freedom and willpower to chase your dreams. Being your own boss is the way forward and I am enjoying it. I write for many websites and they pay me well. I write whatever I want and I can make my life better. At the same time, I can also help others with the content that they would like to read, learn and enjoy. Could you join me? You think!


Written by Sarthak for Desi Readers

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