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We Are LIVE!


Dear readers, Desi Readers is live now and we will start working on book reviews and recommendations for all of you! We will be reading a lot and writing about our reads at the same pace. Our reading, however, will be different from other ones as we don’t see more of the critical sides when we read. We just see the pleasure quotient and we tend to let the readers know how much of the reading pleasure can be extracted from a said book.

We will be reading the ageless classics as well as the temporary best sellers. We will review all the books which you want to know about. Our reviews will surely make a mark and impress you as a reader because we intend to become the friends of modern readers who are young and enthusiastic. Desi Readers understands the needs of modern readers very much. We cater those needs.

We will start reviewing the books very soon and you will be seeing our reviews on the website. The reviews you like, please share them and let others know about the same. The reviews you don’t like, let there be your comments which tell us what to do to make them even better.

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