With You; Without You launching tomorrow! 29th October 2017


With You; Without You – the debut novel by an emerging novelist from Bihar, Prabhat Ranjan is all set to be launched tomorrow – 29th October 2017. Prabhat Ranjan is highly enthusiastic about his debut book which he feels will locate him some space in the field of Hindi Literature and also create a recognition for him. Prabhat’s book (as we have already talked about that in the...

We Are LIVE!


Dear readers, Desi Readers is live now and we will start working on book reviews and recommendations for all of you! We will be reading a lot and writing about our reads at the same pace. Our reading, however, will be different from other ones as we don’t see more of the critical sides when we read. We just see the pleasure quotient and we tend to let the readers know how much of the...

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