Should I remember what I read?

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Old habits die hard; the saying gets it absolutely right! We don’t easily forget what we have been doing or thinking for so long. And this is true in the context of our reading habits as well. We remember the books we have read more than once but we certainly forget the ones which we just read casually and which could not get close to our hearts. Is this good? Why do such things happen? Why do we forget that we have read? And what can we do to make things work in a certain way?

The first thing that one can do is mend the reading habits itself. Just don’t read everything! Read the things which are not only interesting but also meaningful and a little deeper than the usual textual bulks. For example, you will not remember who was the guy who kissed three girls and slept with them in a Bhagat’s or Singh’s novel. Because that’s just casual affair for these characters and these authors (building such characters). However, you will surely remember the guy who was killed because of a timid guy who could not stand up to his crime in a Dicken’s novel Hard Times! This is called the difference in developing characters – one that falls flat and another that remains in your mind for long!

However, if you just read casual literature at times for the sheer entertainment purposes, you don’t have to bother about remembering the characters because most of the times, it’s good to forget that you have even read a romance which wasn’t more than a b grade movie! Why at all have rubbish in your mind!

And the advice that we at Desi Readers would love offer is you should, sometimes, be careful about your reading choices. You can read the books by the authors who have a known reputation among the readers. You can check the Indian Authors website for the updates on latest authors as well as the classic ones.

Reading Biographies and Autobiographies – some tips

If I look behind, there is no reason someone should read anything at all! If I look behind once more, there is nothing left in ‘me’ except the readings that I have done in my leisure or the compulsion of the academic purposes. So, reading will be there in your life whether you acknowledge it or not. And then, what one reads becomes suddenly very important because this is going to have a deep impact upon you – today or tomorrow. Today, I will be highlighting some of the greatest advantages of reading biographies. I am sure readers will find this article helpful and it will certainly interest them in various ways.

Biographies or the autobiographies are very popular genre which readers love to read, mostly in the cases when the authors are either too popular or too notorious. Hitler’s Mein Kampf or David Beckham’s My Side, both the books are very popular and loved by the readers. However, one is written by the (perhaps) most talked about and loved footballer and another by the person who is perhaps most hated around the world and yet, both of them are read in greater numbers! This is the fun of the biographies and autobiographies. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect ones to read might be a tricky task and hence, I am sharing my views which I gathered after so much of experience reading the biographies and autobiographies extensively.

Who should be read?

You cannot read the biography or autobiography of simply anyone! Will the biography of a person who worked in the iron factory ever be written? I guess no and so, a person who is being written, must be famous and there are many ones like him or her and so, you must be wise while choosing the person to read. Always go for the biography or autobiography which resembles your field of interest, profession or likening. This will strengthen your area of interest and will sharpen your skills as well as open new dimensions for exploration.

Read like a fiction or what?

Not at all! Bio and autobiographies should not be taken as fiction books and you can, in fact, study these books lightly. You don’t have to remember the progress or keep your page bookmarked – you are reading about the life of someone who has achieved something significant in the life and so, you can browse through the chapters of life rather easily. Take your time reading the books in this genre.

Are there classics in biographies and autobiographies?

Yes, there are, so many! Autobiography of a Yogi is a very popular autobiography written by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda which has been read worldwide by millions of readers and it still goes on enlightening the lives of millions… you can give this book a read. Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is another autobiography which is read by millions. The Life of Dr. Johnson is another one, written by James Boswell. And you can find so many on the list of the classic biographies and autobiographies.

When should I start reading these books?

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