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How to use Goodreads for Authors? Expert opinion


Goodreads has proven to be the gamechanger for authors in the recent years. Using Goodreads, many authors have changed themselves into well-established personalities in the field of literature. Not only authors, but readers also have a lot to gain only! They can get a reputation of being top reviewers; the fame of being a serious critic and also getting free copies of the books published. However, today we are talking to the authors; we are listing a few tips that authors can use and maximise their reach and recognition through the wide platform for books – Goodreads.

One thing that helps Goodreads stand apart is the feature of book reviews. Readers can list the books to their profiles and add reviews to the books they have read. These reviews help other readers discern what books are to be read and what is meant to be ignored or given a low priority. Moreover, these reviews also help the authors understand what has been up and what has been down with their writing. So, Goodreads is very fruitful and productive in terms of getting the best out of the readers as well as the authors; and, author side is our concern.

Getting Reviews on Goodreads:
The main concern of the authors is how to get reviews on Goodreads. And it is obvious; it is their main focus and it has to be. There is nothing to worry about as the authors can do it in simple steps. We will list it below:

* Create a profile on Goodreads
* Find or add your books to the database
* Send request to get an author status
* Once approved, you will become an author on Goodreads
* Now request your friends, fans and other people on Goodreads to add reviews to your book

This is a philosophical, simple and perhaps the second best step to get your book into the limelight on this platform. Why are calling it the second best step, you must be wondering… this is because we have the best for you here: How to get Goodreads Reviews

Once you understand that Goodreads is a platform with unlimited opportunities for the authors, you become anxious to think what to do and what to avoid. In such situations, it is always wise to contact the experts and let them handle the call for you – BookBoys PR will handle all your author branding and book promotion needs, including Goodreads makeover and reviews on Goodreads and many other platforms. Unleash the maximum of all the platforms which can help you get an edge in this important journey of your life – the journey as a writer. This is an intellectual path where you do need the help of the experts who understand how to utilise the modern day scientific gifts in the best possible ways. You can also get in touch with BookBoys PR for your Goodreads and other promotional concerns – [email protected]

We think this article with knowledgebase on Goodreads platform will help you decide how to do things. All the best with your Goodreads excursion!

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