How to use Goodreads for Authors? Expert opinion


Goodreads has proven to be the gamechanger for authors in the recent years. Using Goodreads, many authors have changed themselves into well-established personalities in the field of literature. Not only authors, but readers also have a lot to gain only! They can get a reputation of being top reviewers; the fame of being a serious critic and also getting free copies of the books published...

Should I remember what I read?


Old habits die hard; the saying gets it absolutely right! We don’t easily forget what we have been doing or thinking for so long. And this is true in the context of our reading habits as well. We remember the books we have read more than once but we certainly forget the ones which we just read casually and which could not get close to our hearts. Is this good? Why do such things happen? Why do we...

Reading Biographies and Autobiographies – some tips


If I look behind, there is no reason someone should read anything at all! If I look behind once more, there is nothing left in ‘me’ except the readings that I have done in my leisure or the compulsion of the academic purposes. So, reading will be there in your life whether you acknowledge it or not. And then, what one reads becomes suddenly very important because this is going to have a deep...

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