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Reading Experience that you remember or want to forget


Carrying fiction with you even after you have put the novel down is something that most of us have done – somewhere and at some point, in our lives. When did you last do it? Do you remember? This is something that brings alive the memories or the guilt or even the horror that characters face in the novel. All depends on the character that you drag alongside after reading a particular novel. Do you still understand the guilty conscience of Elizabeth or Darcy? Do you still feel with Oak? Do you still remember the empty painting from To the Lighthouse? There are many things that you might have remembered…

The modern novels also carry the same weight or, at least, the glimpses of the same weight which lets the readers keep things with them even after the ultimate page is seen off and the blurb is read again and again to seal the deal with the book you just read. It is about the author’s characteristics; it is about the author’s charisma. Some novels remain with us even after being finished. While we all know that there are the novels which are so irritating that we have to put them off just after beginning or after reading a few pages.

So, what have you read recently? Have you read some novel that is alive inside you after being finished? Or you have read some novel that is not even in your subconscious just after a few pages from the beginning? Reading is an experience that stays with us – a novel hated a lot by you or a novel loved a lot by you, in both cases, you will remember that reading experience.

Sorry guys, this is all some ideas in debris that I have tried to recollect and put down in words. You can forget it or remember it. All the best with your readings and I hope you get some good novels to read. Happy Reading!

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