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Should I remember what I read?


Old habits die hard; the saying gets it absolutely right! We don’t easily forget what we have been doing or thinking for so long. And this is true in the context of our reading habits as well. We remember the books we have read more than once but we certainly forget the ones which we just read casually and which could not get close to our hearts. Is this good? Why do such things happen? Why do we forget that we have read? And what can we do to make things work in a certain way?

The first thing that one can do is mend the reading habits itself. Just don’t read everything! Read the things which are not only interesting but also meaningful and a little deeper than the usual textual bulks. For example, you will not remember who was the guy who kissed three girls and slept with them in a Bhagat’s or Singh’s novel. Because that’s just casual affair for these characters and these authors (building such characters). However, you will surely remember the guy who was killed because of a timid guy who could not stand up to his crime in a Dicken’s novel Hard Times! This is called the difference in developing characters – one that falls flat and another that remains in your mind for long!

However, if you just read casual literature at times for the sheer entertainment purposes, you don’t have to bother about remembering the characters because most of the times, it’s good to forget that you have even read a romance which wasn’t more than a b grade movie! Why at all have rubbish in your mind!

And the advice that we at Desi Readers would love offer is you should, sometimes, be careful about your reading choices. You can read the books by the authors who have a known reputation among the readers. You can check the Indian Authors website for the updates on latest authors as well as the classic ones.

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