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Top 5 Book Reviews Websites in India – Rankings


Out of the many book review blogs I have read, I am impressed by only some of them. Majority of the websites only focus on the books that they want to read rather than the books the readers might be interested in reading. Nevertheless, the content on many of them was certainly engaging and interesting and also genuine, honest and original. So, which are the best ones in India right now? Let’s have a look at the top literary platforms in the country also offering book reviews for the book lovers who always want something on their reading desk!

Egoistic Readers: Rising to the top too soon, this blog was started in the year 2019 and in very few months, with the quality and quantity of content that it offers, this websites has climbed many places in our rankings. Today, ‘Egoistic Readers’ is our pick for number one among the best book reviews websites in India and it has earned this reward! You will like the way the website has been designed and the way it organises the content. The interface is too easy to navigate and readers will only focus on reading other than anything else. The reviewers for this website are well-read, pointed, sharp, focused and also very capable of understanding the content in the respective titles they review for the website. All these things together make this website our number one pick!

Indian Book Critics: Very popular, very sensible with their reviews and very much Indian – this website will impress any reader who goes through it. Reviews are biased – unless you say what is good and what is bad, you are not being a true critic and that’s the philosophy of these guys. The review and recommend books based on the quality of the book and also suggest possible and ideal readers’ group for a piece of fiction or non-fiction being reviewed. This makes the choice easier. Indian Book Critics is a benchmark for book reviews in India today! You can follow their website for reviews, literary updates and other information –

BookWorm Reviews: These guys are growing – growing in terms of content and growing in terms of their qualities as well. We have been following the website for a long time and their reviews are getting better and better with passing days. I will also recommend this website to the readers of Indian fiction because they are constantly bringing reviews for them. Author Interviews, literary updates, news, opinions and reviews… everything on the website certainly makes it one of the best book review blogs in India. You can visit them here:

Literature News: Does this platform need any introduction? We guess no! Literature News has become one of the most popular platforms for literary updates and news in India. However, their frequency of book reviews is a little lower compared to only book review websites. Still, the quality of the reviews cannot be ignored and they offer deep insights into the book being reviewed by their critic. Occasionally, you can check their website to know more about the books trending in the country and books they might be reading. Very soon, with the frequency of book reviews increasing, this platform will certainly become one of the top book review websites in India.

Book Reviews Lab: As the name suggests, this website is one of the finest laboratories on the web when it comes to serving the finest book reviews to the regular book readers. You can read well-written reviews, literary updates and other articles related to literature on this website. However, just like literature news platform, the frequency of this website in terms of bringing up the book reviews is a little lower compared to many other websites. Still, it has the potential to go up in rankings and it will go if the bloggers over there speed up and produce more and more quality reviews quickly.

We will keep publishing the rankings in the future as well. We will try to include new websites also. The websites which perform well will get up and the websites that don’t perform well will fall down in the ranking. We hope you will like the article and if you did so, do share it among the book lovers so that they can know about the book review platforms in India. All the best!

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