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Vizag Blue, the latest graphic novel by Anil CS Rao is here!


Explore the mysteries of the coastal world presented in “VIZAG BLUE,” a captivating story written by the well-respected comic artist Anil CS Rao. This tale takes place near the beach in Vizag during the summer. It tells the story of a nurse and her quiet patient, and how their connection leads them into a different kind of reality. Anil CS Rao gained recognition for his artistic achievements at the first India Comicon event in 2012. Now, he offers an exciting journey through literature with his latest creation.

Vizag Blue Novel Anil CS Rao


The story happens by the seaside in Vizag, where a nurse cares for a patient who doesn’t speak. Their seemingly calm life changes as they experience more troubling events. These two individuals find themselves in a world that’s quite different from the usual, as their encounters become more intense. Isn’t the premise exciting? And believe me, as I have read other graphic novels by Anil, he has the artistic depth and literary sense to turn graphic stories into absorbing tales that reverberate for long in your mind. His previous graphic novel, The Contractor and the Engineer, was an amazing read and readers have appreciated the salty authenticity of that tale. The present one, Vizag Blue, comes more from an imaginative point of view and offers a tale that will fascinate and excite readers.

For those who want to learn more about Anil CS Rao’s creative journey, you can find information about his previous works, awards, and skills on his official website, With “VIZAG BLUE,” Anil CS Rao invites readers to dive into a world where ordinary life becomes extraordinary. This book promises an unforgettable adventure and is a must-read for anyone looking for a unique literary experience.

If you’re curious about the novel and excited to read it, rest assured that “VIZAG BLUE” is more than just a story. It’s a work of visual art. Anil CS Rao’s graphic novel combines great storytelling with stunning artwork, giving readers an immersive and visually impressive experience. This book stands out from the crowd, offering something special that Anil CS Rao is known for.

“VIZAG BLUE” is like a beautifully decorated comic that showcases top-notch writing. It invites readers on an extraordinary journey. You can explore the books by Anil on Amazon India in physical and Kindle formats. Many readers have left their reviews on the books on Amazon. You can get an idea about these tales by reading other readers’ reviews as well.

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